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Regional Producer Elevator Program 2018 - Online Application Form
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Screenworks' Regional Producer Elevator Program is a career development program providing bespoke professional development opportunities to support two emerging producers living in regional NSW to escalate their careers.  $3,500 will be made available to each of two selected applicants for Screenworks' Regional Producer Elevator Program.

The program is designed to increase the producers’ skills and industry experience by supporting each participating producer to develop a career plan which will include professional development, providing an opportunity for face-to-face meetings with key industry stakeholders in metropolitan centres, and offering attendance to the 2017 Screen Forever Conference where they will be able to participate in selected emerging producer sessions that will take place at the conference.

Please note: This online application form has time-out activated. We strongly encourage you to prepare your responses in a word document first and then copy and paste your responses in to the online application form.
* I am a screen producer and have been living in regional NSW for more than 12 months (refer to guidelines for definition of regional NSW
* I am an Australian citizen or permanent resident.
* I am a current Screenworks member
* I have achieved initial success  in the screen industry (refer to the Regional Producer Elevator Guidelines for definition of “Initial Success”).
* I have developed a draft career plan and have prepared the required materials and documentation required to support my application.
(Click here to view a sample career plan)

Applicants must respond to "Yes" to all questions above. Please note that all sections of the application form must be completed or the application will be ineligible.
By submitting this Regional Producer Elevator Program application form, I agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions:

1.  I understand that I need to have been living in regional NSW  for more than 12 months, and be an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

2. I understand and agree that Screenworks will forward my application to an independent assessment panel to assess my suitability to participate in the Regional Producer Elevator Program.

3. If selected for the Regional Producer Elevator Program I understand and agree to be interviewed, photographed or recorded during any part of the program. Any such recording, photograph or interview may be used across any media format for promotional and/or reporting purposes.

4. I warrant and confirm that the information that I give in this application is true and correct and I understand that it will be used to determine my suitability for inclusion in the Regional Producer Elevator Program

Please note: The Regional Producer Elevator Program Assessment Committee, including Screenworks staff and independent assessors, will assess all eligible applications against a set of guidelines and assessment criteria. The Assessment Committee is the under no obligation to read all content provided.

The Assessment Committee will not redress errors in applications. If an application is deemed ineligible, it will not be assessed. The Assessment Committee will make the ultimate decision regarding the successful applicants. This decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

If you have problems using this online application form, please contact Screenworks General Manager Ken Crouch via email ( or call (02) 6687 1599.